We offer three unique products,
You pick the Personality Test style that best fits your needs.

Standard Personality Test – Basic Plus
Correlated Questions Personality Test – Industry Specific
Dual-Use Interview Questions Personality Test – Custom Questions

Remember, no matter which test you choose, the results can be correlated to our Joblet® Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), so that you can map skills to requirements.

Basic Plus

This is a standard question personality test that many are familiar with, having taken Myers-Briggs® Step I or Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II, or similar variations of those tests. Whichever test you may have taken, the questions are always the same for that type of test. We offer a similar standard question personality test.

Our Basic Plus standard test is improved over the other standard question tests that allow you to end in a tie if you happen to answer half the questions one way and the other half the opposite, for a particular type letter. Our tests are always deterministic and will never result in a tie.

Our Basic Plus test is available as an individually acquired test, or as an administered test that can be used by career coaches and hiring companies.

Industry Specific

Instead of using standard questions, our Industry Specific personality test is correlated to an industry, company, profession, organization or activity. That makes the questions relevant to how the person’s personality will be applied. With a context, it makes the tests more interesting and meaningful.

Some of the categories include:

  • Industries:
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Marketing
  • Professions:
    • Accounting
    • Consulting
    • Nursing
    • Software Development
    • Teaching
  • Activities:
    • Child Care
    • College Sports
    • Language Translation
    • Retail Sales

We are constantly adding more correlated test sets to our library, both in response to customer requests and as we proactively expand the choices.

Custom Questions

There are no limits to what we can do with our Custom Questions personality test. It starts with having 100 questions. You get to define 30 questions, which are interspersed throughout the set of 70 personality test questions, so the test taker doesn’t know which ones are just personality, just pre-interview or dual-use questions. This allows you to include a set of interview questions within our product.

As the administrator of Custom Questions tests, you have access to review the selected answer to each pre-interview and dual-use question, in that section of your dashboard. Custom formatted PDF reports can be provided.

A Custom Questions test also has many optional enhancements such as varying question score weight, translation into other languages, multiple test administrators, branded interface and large group discounts.

Use Nouveau Analytics to be more engaged with your employees. Offering existing employees the opportunity to periodically retake a correlated personality test, encourages active career planning and ensures better alignment of employees with business objectives, enhancing employee retention.

Contact us to learn how you can begin creating your customized personality test today!

And remember, all jobs are just a collection of Joblets®