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This test doubles as your pre-interview information collection instrument.

Why not filter candidates more quickly, as you also learn their personality characteristics?

We create customized questions just for you, formulated from your desired interview questions.

The resulting job descriptions are custom modeled using a Joblet™ breakdown of all your jobs, which assigns your custom cost and time attributes.

The cost for creating a custom test starts at $1,500 USD. Contact us for a quote on your specific needs. You can place a deposit now, which ensures your priority for having your custom test completed.

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We take up to 30 of your interview questions, and integrate them with 70 questions from either our Basic Plus or one of our Industry Specific tests, and create a unique 100 question personality test just for you. And while you provide interview questions, we eliminate any bias by structuring the answer choices.

You have access to each candidate’s answer choices of the interview questions through an administrator dashboard and custom reports.

Some questions are dual-use, others are either for the personality test or just interview questions. The person taking the test doesn’t know which are which, if they even know that interview questions are included, and so you get more accurate responses.

The answer results feed the attribute details of a Joblet™ breakdown of both the job position, and the candidate’s profile.

These personality test questions are partially based on the Myers-Briggs® Step I personality assessment and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II personality instrument, both of which evolved from the work of Carl Gustav Jung, the father of Analytical Psychology.

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