Basic Plus

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This is a modern version of the traditional 4-letter personality test, using standard traditional questions.

All tests output your 4-letter type, plus your temperament and type designation. The results can be mapped to our Joblet™ breakdown.

This traditional question Temperament tool is enhanced with odd number of questions in each type category so that there is never a tie, but is always deterministic.

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This is a standard question personality test that many are familiar with, having taken Myers-Briggs® Step I or Keirsey Temperament Sorter®-II, or similar variations of those tests. Whichever test you may have taken, the questions are always the same for that type of test. We offer a similar standard question personality test.

Our Basic Plus standard test is improved over the other standard question tests that allow you to end in a tie if you happen to answer half the questions one way and the other half the opposite, for a particular type letter. Our tests are always deterministic and will never result in a tie.

Our Basic Plus test is available as an individually acquired test, or as an administered test that can be used by career coaches and hiring companies.

You receive one sample Joblet™ description, that is relevant to your industry and job roles.


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